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High Pro Flow

Time is our most valuable commodity as you cannot buy more and you cannot make more of it. Reimage time management where we shift our focus from time to energy management.  In this workshop, we provide your people with tools and strategies used by the world’s top athletes to combine the power of their brains with their energetic rhythms so they understand how to optimize their energy and increase productivity, creativity, and occurrences of being “in the flow” without burning out.

Workshop Objectives:

  • Utilize the High Impact Matrix to help your people determine where to focus their energy to make their biggest impact and eliminate energy sucking fire drills.

  • Understand how their brain works and identify their energetic rhythm so they learn exactly when to do what so they can be highly productive by working with their biology rather than against it.

  • Bring it all together (the high impact matrix, how your brain works, and your energetic rhythm) to structure their days and weeks in ways that put them at peak performance while honoring the humans that they are.

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