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Bringing out the best in your business by bringing the best forward in your people, every single day.

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Evoke Creative Solutions was founded by

Melissa Norton. 

Melissa has spent over 20 years of her professional career in diverse industries including; software, public safety, telecom, retail, insurance, and finance. She spent the majority of her career in Project and Program Management, creating massive forward movement by influencing and building strong and mutually beneficial relationships. As a result of her own self-discovery journey, Melissa shifted her career from Program Management to Leadership Coaching and Development.

Through her work with people within organizations, from individual contributors to executives, the biggest lesson she took away was that every human is imperfect with unique strengths and blind spots. Those that were most effective in all areas of life were those who doubled-down on their strengths, were aware of their blind spots, knew how to live a balanced life, and could build strong relationships quickly.

Reflecting on her entire career, she found that no matter the organization nor the industry, interpersonal conflict was the most time consuming and complex challenge standing in the way of success. She decided to combine both her passions, achieving business results and helping people bring to life their whole authentic selves.  From that space, she launched Evoke Creative Solutions to help organizations and all their imperfect humans, be the best version of themselves every day.


Melissa has a B.S. in Business Management and holds certifications in Transformative Life Coaching, Social & Emotional Intelligence Coaching, and facilitation of DiSC.  She completed the Gallup StrengthsFinder coaching program and course studies in Transpersonal Psychology through Sofia University. Through her diverse professional experience and education, Melissa understands the needs of the business, the needs of the people within the organization, and how to build the bridges between them.

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