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Make an Impact

We are at a time of exponential growth in just about every industry across the globe.  In order to get ahead and stay ahead, business leaders must remain focused on strategy and achieving business goals yet, every day challenges can derail that focus.  Help surface innovative, creative, and viable solutions to everyday challenges from those closest to the work.  This workshop focuses on helping your people become trusted advisors who present their ideas in thoughtful, concise and respectful ways so they can feel heard and you can say “YES!” with confidence.

Workshop Objectives:

  • Build your reputation as a trusted person who others go to so you feel seen, heard, and increase your influence within your organization.

  • Understand how to prepare your idea to be heard and adopted by developing a winning mindset and ensuring your ideas are well vetted through collaboration.

  • Learn how to present your ideas effectively while remaining open in a space of co-creation ensuring that you make a positive impact in the workplace.

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