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Kind Candor

Diversity is essential to success in business in today’s world.  Yet, when we bring people together in diversity of thought, background, personality, and life experience, conflict is bound to arise. Unhealthy conflict in the workplace stifles innovation and causes decreased productivity, anxiety, stress, and high turnover rates.  Create a culture of healthy conflict and productive feedback so your people can surface what’s really getting in the way and handle it confidently and effectively resulting in stronger relationships.  When everyone understands how to embrace healthy feedback and conflict, they can get back to doing the best work of their lives.

Workshop Objectives:

  • Identify what behaviors deteriorate trust and team performance so team members can redirect these behaviors and hold each other accountable to handle conflict directly and effectively.

  • Create a team culture of constructive feedback that is kind, respectful, and direct to cultivate learning and improvement.

  • Learn how to navigate conflict quickly and whole-heartedly that puts the relationship first, makes everyone feel heard, and actually builds trust.

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