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Helping organizations


with creative solutions to interpersonal challenges

When your people are able to bring their whole, authentic, and best versions of themselves to work every day they are more fulfilled in their jobs, they work better with one another, and the team achieves greater collective results. 


The hardest part for organizations is understanding how to bring forward the best versions of their people.  In reality, it has very little to do with free beer, free food, or unlimited PTO. 

At Evoke Creative Solutions, our mission is to bring out the best in your business by bringing the best forward in your people, every single day.

We achieve our mission by...

X   Shining a light on your people’s strengths and passions so they can make their greatest and most meaningful impact in the success of your business.


X   Showing your people how to best leverage their energy to obtain the "work/life balance" they desire while meeting the high-productivity needs of your business.

X   Surfacing diverse perspectives, embracing healthy conflict, and building trusting relationships so you can achieve greater collective results in your organization.

X   Developing your people’s resiliency and growth mindset so they persevere in the face of adversity and change.  
(We sure have enough of that these days!)

X   Helping your people present innovative and creative ideas in respectful and well crafted ways so they feel heard and your leaders can make quick and confident decisions.

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When you bring out the best in your people, your leaders can focus on achieving greater business results.

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Bring the best forward in your people with our Talent Amplifier Program!

Amplify your talent so they feel their best, do their best work, and inspire exceptional performance.

Our Talent Amplifier Program is designed to capitalize on the awesome talent already within your organization.  It is an individual development, team development, and overall well-being program that allows your people to bring their best versions of themselves to work every day so they can do their best work of their lives and your leaders can focus on achieving business results.


This incredibly impactful program is grounded in positive psychology, mindfulness, and the latest in neuroscience so individuals and teams understand how to bring out the best in themselves, their team members, and the collective organization every day.

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Uncover and align your people with their  superpowers so they make their most meaningful impact in the success of your business with ease and excellence.

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High Pro Flow

Discover neuroscience-based time management for the 21st century where peak performance, flow, and innovation converge so your people consistently perform at their best without falling off the burnout cliff.

Rock Balancing

Resiliency Elevator

Breakthrough business barriers when your people understand how to shift themselves from resistance and detachment to enthusiasm and engagement in the ever-evolving landscape of your business.

Creepy Bridge



Build bridges and create safe spaces in your organization so your people can quickly surface what's really getting in the way,  embrace diverse perspectives, and get awesome sh*t done.

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Make Your Impact

Help your people become trusted advisors who present their ideas in a thoughtful, concise and respectful manner so they can feel heard and you can say YES with confidence.

Choose the best fit for your team or organization.

Talent Amplifier

This 6-week program includes weekly high impact, collaborative team workshops with exercises throughout the weeks that help participants integrate and retain what they've learned about themselves and others within the group sessions.  Ideal for reaching larger teams/groups with common language, tools and concepts that help them be their best and help bring out the best in each other.


Talent Amplifier Intensive

Take the Talent Amplifier Program to the next level! 


Achieve lasting transformation by combining the power of collaborative team workshops with  1:1 coaching sessions so we can dive deep and take an individualistic approach to overcoming roadblocks and helping each individual shine in your organization.


* Pricing is based on 15 participants.  Final pricing dependent on final design of program.

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